Facilities & Equipment

Our Facilities

20,000 square feet with 4,000 square feet of office/engineering area


Computer network system running Visual Manufacturing, including the following: Inventory Management, Production Scheduling, Costing, Sales and Invoicing, Bills of Materials, Accounting, and Purchasing.

Prototyping and Custom Design Preparation for PCBs

The process our engineers use to set components can be automated for high-volume orders. However, specialized medical equipment often calls for more customization. Our team is fully equipped to meet any unique requirements you have as we assemble your circuit boards in small batches with superior attention to detail.

At EMSG, we use exclusive PCB design software to ensure that each PCB component is positioned for maximum efficiency and quality assurance. After prototyping, PCB assembly is our next step.

Surface Mount Assembly

Chip placement speeds up to 21,000 CPH, places from .01005 up to 55mm square components, placement accuracy of +/- 0.03mm @ 3 sigma

Chip placement speeds up to 80,000 CPH, places from 01005 up to 55mm components, placement accuracy +40um Cpk > 1.0 (01005) +30um Cpk >1.0 (IC,stage vision). 2 Gantry x 10 spindles/Head

1200mm x 460mm Board Placement Capability. Chip placement speeds up to 22,000 CPH, places from .01005 up to 55mm

50x50mm~550x400mm, 2D inspection, programmable cleaning. 2000XQ 10 microns accuracy and wet printing repeatability 20microns @ 6sigma ]

Large Format (long board) 100x80mm~1300x650mm, 2D inspection, programmable cleaning.

18 zone, 22″ width, 3 Thermocouple profiling

Manufacturing Equipment

Places, removes, or reflows CSPs, BGAs, QFPs, and a variety of SMDs with precision vision alignment

Thru-Hole Assembly

8 Contact Systems CS400C Component Locators

Cut and Clinch, 90 Conductive rotary bins

4 Programmable Selective Soldering System: Ace Production Technologies “KISS 103”

Max panel size is 18″ x 24″

2 Wave-Solder Machines: Hollis FutureI SMT

18″ and 16″ width

50+ Workstation, ESD protected work surfaces

Sequencer: Universal 2596A

60 Stations

VCD: Universal 6287A

Cleaner: Westek “ORBI”

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Test and Inspection

Automated Optical Inspection accurately detects component-level defects, such as missing, wrong polarity, damaged, and wrong components. Defects are easily recognized and reported. The system detects lead-level defects, such as bridging and insufficient solder for components as small as 16-mil pitch.

2400 pins, Genrad 228x

640 pins, Genrad 228z system software with opens express

Various oscilloscopes, meters, and support equipment

Visual Engineering Mantis, 4.0x – 8.0x

Solder paste height measuring

Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing Software: CircuitCAM 32

Generates thru-hole, SMT, and Inspection machine programs from PCB Gerber data, in addition to in-process assembly and instructions

blue graphic of a circuit board showing the connections of electric pathways between components

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