Full time Test Technician II – 1st and 2nd shift

Full time Test Technician II – 1st and 2nd shift


Electronic Manufacturing & Assembly Services in York, PA

-Full time Test Technician II – 1st and 2nd shift



Perform testing and troubleshooting of printed circuit board assemblies, both analog and digital, from established procedures using various test equipment and schematics, engineering drawings, bill of materials, and written/verbal instruction to ensure unit functions according to specifications or to determine cause of unit failure by performing the following duties.

Essential Functions of the Job: (Other duties may be assigned)

Operate related electronic and mechanical equipment to test and validate product. Connect unit to be tested to test equipment such as signal generator, frequency meter, power supply, digital voltmeter, and oscilloscope. Read digital displays that indicate electronic characteristics such as voltage, frequency, distortion, inductance, and capacitance.

Use predetermined methods, sequences, and set ups to test the product, making necessary modifications and adjustments. Compare results with specifications and may be required to record test data.

Troubleshoot problems to the component level. Must be able to identify common soldering and component errors on printed circuit board assemblies. Analyze test results on defective units to determine cause of failure. Replace defective wiring and components or record defects on tag attached to unit and return unit to production department for repair. May need to add labels, serial numbers, markings, or tags.

Recommend changes or modifications to improve quality of product. Confer with supervisor or other technicians to resolve problems regarding testing procedures and test results. Perform service repairs on customer returned units. Provide technical assistance as needed.

Demonstrate the ability to work independently or to work effectively with others. Job functions should be completed in a reasonable amount of time, with minimal supervision.  Must have good oral and written communication skills.

Physical Job Requirements: 

Job may require standing or sitting.  May be asked to assist with work in other departments.  Must be able to regularly lift or move at least 25 pounds and occasionally lift and/or move up to 65 pounds.

Educational/Experience Requirements:

A qualified technician must have at least a 2-year degree in electronic technology and a minimum of 2 years related technical experience and possess basic PC skills.

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