Through Hole (Thru-Hole) PCB Assembly Services

Thru-hole (or through-hole) technology involves drilling holes into a printed circuit board where leads can be attached. Compared to surface mounting, it is an older technology.

Despite these drawbacks, there are benefits to thru-hole mounting. The through-hole mounting process creates stronger bonds between a circuit board and its components, leading to products that are more durable and more resistant to shock and impacts.

Whether or not thru-hole technology is the right choice — or the only choice — for your application will depend on a number of factors. EMSG can provide a thorough consultation that helps determine the best way to proceed, whether you are developing a prototype or manufacturing a product.


female employee performing through-hole pcb assembly


Potential Applications

Because of its unique benefits, through-hole technology has multiple possible applications. The investment of additional time and money required to complete through-hole mounting makes it best for large components such as transformers, semiconductors and electrolytic capacitors. The extra security it provides makes it a good option for any product that must withstand high levels of mechanical or environmental stress as well as high power and high voltage conditions.

Military and aerospace applications prefer thru-hole mounting for precisely these reasons. In situations where safety depends on properly functioning equipment, taking the extra steps to through-hole technology critical components is a necessity. As well, through-hole technology can be useful for product prototyping, where the testing process routinely subjects completed units to extreme conditions.

Our Services

Different applications demand different through-hole technology equipment . To better serve our diverse group of clients, EMSG has invested in some of the most advanced soldering and assembly tools on the market today. We are fully qualified to manufacture printed circuit board assemblies to the IPC-A-610 requirement in both leaded and RoHS specifications.

Depending on your project needs, we can provide either fully automated or semi-automated thru-hole assembly services for runs of up to 50,000 units.

Thanks to our production capabilities , we are often brought in at the prototyping stages of a project. However, we also perform contract manufacturing and testing as necessary. Our clients include government contractors and private manufacturers, all of whom count on EMSG for fast turnaround times, excellent customer service and industry-leading engineering expertise. We are happy to provide initial consultations by phone or email or to meet with you in person.

Our Equipment

We perform most automated thru-hole mounting using the Universal 6287A axial insertion machine, which is capable of inserting components into your circuit board assemblies at a very high rate of speed and accuracy. High mix thru-hole production is built using the Contact Systems CS400C, of which EMSG currently has eight machines operating over two shifts. This makes it easy for our team to handle small volume, quick turnover or higher-volume assemblies.


Universal 6287A axial insertion machine for through-hole pcb assembly


After component assembly, EMSG’s capabilities include wave solder operation using the Hollis Future I machine, which can handle boards up to 18" square. Programmable selective soldering at EMSG is handled by (4) Ace KISS-103 machines. This equipment offers fully automated selective soldering, whether it is solder side or component side, thus eliminating all hand solder operations.

Working With EMSG

Based in York, we are available to provide thru-hole assembly services for clients in Pennsylvania and beyond, including all major East Coast cities and the D.C. Metro area. Our 20,000-square-foot facility is ISO 9001-certified and FDA-registered for medical device assembly and related sanitary manufacturing.

Let us work with you to turn your vision into a marketable product. Since 1995, we have been a partner to demanding commercial and industrial clients requiring reliable PCB assembly services. To learn more about how we can help, contact our head office at 717-764-0002 or book an appointment at your convenience.

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