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EMSG is a full-service PCB assembly company, so you have our team available throughout the conceptualization stage and to a successful product launch. Our priority is delivering a high standard of work with quick turnaround times in everything we do for you. Our world-class equipment and skilled engineers perform a multitude of electronic manufacturing services, completing short-run productions of up to 50,000 units at a time.

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Industries We Serve

With our advanced capabilities and highly-skilled staff, EMSG is fully qualified to provide industrial electronic assembly services for any client. Our industrial electronic assembly services can benefit manufacturers and other organizations with specific process control requirements. We can develop timers and other components that integrate with your heating and cooling, machining, positioning and other tools.

We are a longstanding electronics manufacturing company with experience serving the following industries, among others:

MedicalMedical Medical

IndustrialIndustrial Industrial

ElectronicsElectronics Electronics


We are an ideal partner to medical device manufacturers. Our team is fully qualified to build pumps, robotics, power supplies and other medical products that drive positive health outcomes and improve lives in clinics around the country.

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EMSG provides a range of services for clients in all industries and sectors. We have the advanced assembly and testing capacity to meet the requirements of even the most demanding applications. If you’re looking for a contractor who can provide industrial electronic assembly services for prototyping or production, we can help.

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EMSG can provide prototyping and product assembly for consumer electronic devices and related products. We are committed to monitoring our supply chain to avoid the use of conflict minerals, helping our partners comply with reporting requirements and run a more transparent operation from the ground up.

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Our Service Area – Based in York PA

Thanks to our highly skilled staff with over 30 years of PCB assembly experience, our ISO 9001 certification, and our state-of-the-art equipment, EMSG is well-known as a premier printed circuit board assembly company in York, PA.

This is a prime location, located near route 81, to service the entire Eastern seaboard. We also serve clients across the nation. We’re a U.S. based company serving the domestic market.

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Our Service Area - Based in York PA
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Advanced Technology

At EMSG our objective is to help you go on to market successfully. We understand that every customer is unique and requires special attention.

Whether your specific requirement is for in-circuit testing, functional testing or customized packaging and drop-shipping to your end customer, we can accommodate your needs. EMSG can also be an integral part in the design of your product, whether you require a board layout or engineering services to change your product from thru-hole to surface mount technology.

Contact us to receive more information on our services and capabilities, or complete a quote form to obtain a competitive estimate on your project.

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Advanced Technology
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PCB Assembly Process

A printed circuit board (PCB) is one of the most vital elements of any electronic device. A PCB’s primary role involves connecting and securing a design’s critical components into a compact, cost-effective package. The designs are typically exclusive to one product type, meeting the highest quality, performance and reliability standards for that specific design.

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Together We Will Drive Your Success

Success in the electronic manufacturing services field requires each individual to pay close attention to detail from the beginning of the project to the very last part shipped.

We make it a point to make sure that what we deliver is exactly what you want, whether it’s a critical delivery turnaround or a specific drop-shipment to your customer. We look forward to working with you!


Together We Will Drive Your Success
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