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At EMSG we have experienced personnel and advanced technological equipment to meet all of your electronic assembly requirements, from prototyping to high-volume production. The management team uses a hands-on approach to business to make quick decisions.


Our Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Manufacturing and Assembly Services

EMSG is a full-service PCB assembly company, so you have our team available throughout the conceptualization stage and to a successful product launch. Our priority is delivering a high standard of work with quick turnaround times in everything we do for you. Our world-class equipment and skilled engineers perform a multitude of electronic manufacturing services, completing short-run productions of up to 50,000 units at a time.

Surface-Mount Technology (SMT)

Mounting electronic components to the surface of a printed circuit board allows for more compact and space-saving configurations. For high-volume projects, we offer a significant degree of automation in surface-mounted PCB assembly, including component placement, soldering and inspection. We can assist with producing complex dual-sided circuit boards that serve specialized applications in critical situations.

Thru-Hole Manufacturing

The thru-hole process involves drilling openings into a PCB and inserting component leads for soldering. The high-strength and durability of these bonds make thru-hole designs a reliable choice in harsh, demanding environments. While it's an older method than SMT, we know thru-hole is far from obsolete and continues to thrive in the military and aerospace electronics that we service. EMSG is capable of fully or partially automated through-hole PCB assembly to boost efficiency and overall quality.

Testing and Inspection

EMSG offers rigorous PCB testing and examinations of completed units to ensure they perform to your expectations, and most importantly, for the demands of your customers. We do extensive functional testing to verify proper routing and soldering, and every finished unit is checked by automatic optical inspection equipment to identify component-level defects. Our personnel can utilize our X-ray inspection station to scope for potential issues within the circuit board layers.

Contract Manufacturing

EMSG is a modern-day leader in contract manufacturing services. While outsourcing your printed circuit board assembly is a significant decision, we're poised to be a capable and dynamic force operating on your side. We'll assist with PCB designs and layout, and our array of machinery can streamline assembly to prepare your unit for shipping more quickly. Partner with us, and you'll have an engaged and experienced workforce striving to meet your every goal with production.

Electronic PCB Assembly

EMSG leads the way in offering comprehensive service and support throughout the product development stages. Our skilled assembly specialists are available for consulting to determine which PCB fabrication method could be best for your application. We'll help manage the prototyping and move toward scaling up production on a finalized design. At every step, we focus on transparency and flexibility to meet your demands for a satisfactory result.

Box Builds/Turnkey Assembly

We provide turnkey solutions with completing and delivering your product, including system and sub-level assembling in-house. Whether we're installing wire harnesses, loading software or configuring settings, EMSG can work with customized enclosures and packaging to enhance preparation for the market. After box building is complete, we can either return the product to you or drop-ship directly to your customers to free up your company's resources.

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With our advanced capabilities and highly-skilled staff, EMSG is fully qualified to provide industrial electronic assembly services for any client.

Our industrial electronic assembly services can benefit manufacturers and other organizations with specific process control requirements. We can develop timers and other components that integrate with your heating and cooling, machining, positioning and other tools.

We are a longstanding electronics manufacturing company with experience serving the following industries, among others:

  • Medical: EMSG is one of a small group of FDA-registered printed circuit board assembly companies. As a result, we are an ideal partner to medical device manufacturers. Our team is fully qualified to build pumps, robotics, power supplies and other medical products that drive positive health outcomes and improve lives in clinics around the country.
  • Telecom and communications: As our world becomes more wired, there is a growing need for printed circuit board assembly companies with experience manufacturing compact and precise electronics for the telecom and communication industries. EMSG provides assembly, contract manufacturing and other services for both consumer devices and communication infrastructure equipment.
  • Electronics: EMSG can provide prototyping and product assembly for consumer electronic devices and related products. We are committed to monitoring our supply chain to avoid the use of conflict minerals, helping our partners comply with reporting requirements and run a more transparent operation from the ground up.

Based in York, PA, we are located a short drive from Philadelphia, New York and the D.C. Metro area. All services are completed in our ISO 9001-registered facility following strict quality control processes. Our 20,000-square-foot production center features advanced component placer platforms and screen printers for surface mount assembly, component placers and soldering systems for thru-hole assembly, and multiple optical systems and functional testing equipment for quality control purposes.

Browse our website for more information about our facilities and manufacturing capabilities. One of our knowledgeable representatives would be happy to answer any of your questions or book a consultation at your convenience.

Together We Will Drive Your Success

Success in the electronic manufacturing services field requires each individual to pay close attention to detail from the beginning of the project to the very last part shipped. We make it a point to make sure that what we deliver is exactly what you want, whether it’s a critical delivery turnaround or a specific drop-shipment to your customer. We look forward to working with you!

Advanced Technology

At EMSG our objective is to help you go on to market successfully. We understand that every customer is unique and requires special attention.

Whether your specific requirement is for in-circuit testing, functional testing or customized packaging and drop-shipping to your end customer, we can accommodate your needs. EMSG can also be an integral part in the design of your product, whether you require a board layout or engineering services to change your product from thru-hole to surface mount technology.

Contact us to receive more information on our services and capabilities, or complete a quote form to obtain a competitive estimate on your project.

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