EMSG’s Statement on Conflict Minerals

The enactment of U.S. Congress HR 4173, specifically with regard to section 1502- Conflict Minerals, addresses serious concerns within the supply chain for raw materials. Electronic Manufacturing Services Group Inc. (EMSG Inc) is committed to monitoring the related issues and developments as they impact the electronics supply chain supporting our manufacturing process. We are fully aware of this law and while not required to comply, since we are a privately held company, EMSG Inc is committed to assisting our customers in complying with all reporting requirements. EMSG Inc does not knowingly procure any conflict minerals from the areas affected either directly or indirectly through our supply chain partners.

We are in the process of conducting a survey of our main suppliers, both manufacturers and distributors and it is clear that all suppliers are moving toward enactment and compliance. To assist our customers in assuring that the manufacturers specified on bill of materials conform to the conflict minerals requirement, we can obtain actual copies of individual statements from each manufacturer, or direct you to their web-site for the most up to date information.