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Our Facilities

20,000 square feet with 4,000 square feet of office/engineering area


Computer network system running Visual Manufacturing, including the following: Inventory Management, Production Scheduling, Costing, Sales and Invoicing, Bills of Materials, Accounting, and Purchasing.


Manufacturing Equipment

Surface Mount Assembly

2 Samsung SM421 Intelligent System
Chip placement speeds up to 21,000 CPH, places from .01005 up to 55mm square components, placement accuracy of +/- 0.03mm @ 3 sigma

2 Decan F2 High Speed Wide Range Mounter

Chip placement speeds up to 80,000 CPH, places from 01005 up to 55mm components, placement accuracy +40um Cpk > 1.0 (01005) +30um Cpk >1.0 (IC,stage vision). 2 Gantry x 10 spindles/Head

1 Samsung SM482/FR
1200mm x 460mm Board Placement Capability. Chip placement speeds up to 22,000 CPH, places from .01005 up to 55mm

1 Screen Printer: MPM ACCUFLEX
Programmable self-leveling print head. Look-up/Look-down vision alignment system, Motorized board to stencil alignment, 2D past print inspection.

2 Screen Printers: ESE-US2000X

50x50mm~550x400mm, 2D inspection, programmable cleaning. 2000XQ 10 microns accuracy and wet printing repeatability 20microns @ 6sigma ]

1 Screen Printer: ESE LX3 (4 foot)

Large Format (long board) 100x80mm~1300x650mm, 2D inspection, programmable cleaning.

3 Screen Printer: Smtech 1005 w/ vision

Dual-floating squeegee, max screen size 20" x 20"

4 Reflow Ovens: Heller 1800
18 zone, 22" width, 3 Thermocouple profiling

BGA Replacement/Reflow/Removal System: PACE ST-325
Places, removes, or reflows CSPs, BGAs, QFPs, and a variety of SMDs with precision vision alignment

Bake Oven: ESPEC PH-201


Thru-Hole Assembly

PCB close up

8 Contact Systems CS400C Component Locators
Cut and Clinch, 90 Conductive rotary bins

4 Programmable Selective Soldering System: Ace Production Technologies "KISS 103"
Max panel size is 18" x 24"

2 Wave-Solder Machines: Hollis FutureI SMT
18" and 16" width

50+ Workstation, ESD protected work surfaces

Sequencer: Universal 2596A
60 Stations

VCD: Universal 6287A

Cleaner: Westek "ORBI"


Test and Inspection

1 Mirtec MV-3L and 1 Mirtec MV 3 OMNI 3D
Automated Optical Inspection accurately detects component-level defects, such as missing, wrong polarity, damaged, and wrong components. Defects are easily recognized and reported. The system detects lead-level defects, such as bridging and insufficient solder for components as small as 16-mil pitch.

Automated Test Equipment: Genrad 2283
2400 pins, Genrad 228x

Automated Test Equipment: Genrad 2287a
640 pins, Genrad 228z system software with opens express

Functional Testing

Various oscilloscopes, meters, and support equipment

5 Optical Inspection Stations
Visual Engineering Mantis, 4.0x - 8.0x

Cyberoptics Laser Section Microscope

Solder paste height measuring

X-ray Inspection Station

X-ray source with digital control, image intensifier and X-Y table

Chip Programmer: ADVIN XELTEK SUPERPRO-5000E

Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing Software: CircuitCAM 32
Generates thru-hole, SMT, and Inspection machine programs from PCB Gerber data, in addition to in-process assembly and instructions