EMSG, Electronics Manufacturing Company Serving Baltimore

The best printed circuit board assembly company in Pennsylvania is also the best printed circuit board assembly company in Baltimore. Although we’re based in York, PA, EMSG — with over 30 years of PCB assembly experience and an ISO 9001 certification — is fully equipped, staffed and capable of serving all your needs as a Baltimore electronics manufacturing company.

We can manage all of your PCB assembly requirements quickly and affordably thanks to our lightning-fast, top-of-the-line equipment. We are unmatched in the area when it comes to our PCB expertise and we provide high-quality services based on your specific design, assembly and delivery requirements.

Complete PCB Assembly Services

Our full range of PCB assembly services include:

Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) Manufacturing

We have multiple pick and place machines that allow us to rapidly assemble just about any kind of circuit board you need to IPC A-610 standards. Our highly trained staff and cutting-edge equipment mean you get your PCBs assembled, fully tested and delivered to you fast.

Through-Hole Manufacturing

You can also rely on us for accurate automatic and semi-automatic through-hole manufacturing in Baltimore to go with our quality SMT manufacturing services.

Electronic Assembly

 We are happy to offer small- and medium-batch electronic assembly services as well, whether you need them for prototyping or actual production. We typically produce electronic assembly runs of around 50,000 units or fewer.

Box Building and Final Assembly

 We can assemble your PCBs from start to finish, including working with you to develop custom packaging that meets your specific company needs. We even offer turnkey final assembly, including testing and drop-shipping the final product directly to your customers.