PCB Assembly and Electronics Manufacturing in Boston

We know you take your electronics-based business in Boston, very seriously, and you want a supplier of PCB assembly services that you can trust. If you’re looking for the best possible PCB assembly, don’t limit yourself to a local Boston electronics manufacturing company. Although EMSG provides services out of our massive facility in York, PA, we supply companies all along the East Coast, including those in Massachusetts.

EMSG is an ISO 9001:2015-certified PCB assembly and electronics manufacturing company with a record of over 30 years of high-quality PCB assembly services. We believe we can perform your small- to medium-batch electronics assembly better than any electronics manufacturing company in Boston, and we’re ready for you to put us to the test. Whether you’re just starting out with electronics products or have been at it a while without getting the results you deserve, EMSG is here to help.

Primary Electronics Manufacturing and PCB Assembly Services

Our primary services available to you include:

Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) Manufacturing

 A wide range of industries are seeing the benefits of surface-mount technology printed circuit boards, including those that manufacture smartphones, medical devices and a range of automation systems. This technology has been adopted with good reason, as it allows you to quickly compile many components on a single board. Our SMT assembly technology is second to none, with incredibly fast pick and place machines and an extremely efficient assembly process.

Through-Hole Manufacturing

 You may feel that your applications require a more durable printed circuit board, and through-hole technology, which creates stronger bonds between the components of the board and the circuit board itself, can meet that requirement. We are completely qualified to assemble all your through-hole printed circuit boards for both leaded and RoHS IPC-A-610 requirements.

Electronic Assembly

For some companies to maximize their success, they often need a fast delivery of multiple assembled units or prototypes. Our facility is engineered to rapidly produce small to medium batches of prototypes or complete units of around 50,000 or fewer.

Box Building and Final Assembly

If you’re impressed by how fast we can put together your printed circuit boards for you, why not allow us to assemble your whole unit? Adding cables, designing and installing sub-assembly components, installing the full unit into its final housing, we can do it all, and package and ship your product as well.