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PCB and Electronics Manufacturing in Buffalo, New York

Whether you run a long-standing company in Buffalo or are just starting out, you need a source of reliable printed circuit boards you can count on. You may be surprised to learn that your best option for PCB assembly services in Buffalo is not even in NY, but in York, PA.

EMSG may not be a Buffalo electronics manufacturing company, but we have developed a reputation of over 30 years of quality assembly services up and down the East Coast. We are a leading printed circuit board assembly company serving not just companies in PA, MD and Washington, D.C., but those as far as New Jersey and parts of New York, including Buffalo.

We have the resources to get your assembled PCBs to your location or the location of your choice in Buffalo, right on time, assembled, tested and packaged according to your specifications. You’ll never even consider a local Buffalo PCB assembly company again once you’ve completed your first order with EMSG.

Full Range of Manufacturing and PCB Services

What PCB services does your Buffalo company need? We can handle it all, including:

  • Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) Manufacturing: Many companies find that surface-mount technology, or SMT manufacturing, is the most efficient and logical way to assemble printed circuit boards. We understand this, which is why we have multiple ultra-fast pick and place machines ready to piece your SMT PCBs together at an astonishing rate. These machines place components with great precision and all boards follow the IPC A-610 standard.
  • Through-Hole Manufacturing: Tried-and-true through-hole manufacturing assembly for printed circuit boards still works quite well for many companies, and we have the equipment to accommodate these as well. We can fill all your through-hole manufacturing PCB assembly orders with great accuracy and speed.
  • Electronic Assembly: Fast delivery of small- or medium-sized batches of fully assembled electronic units or prototypes is a specialty of ours. If you need quick delivery of 50,000 or fewer units, call on us.
  • Box Building and Final Assembly: We can assemble just your PCBs or put entire units together. It’s up to you. Our box building and final assembly capabilities are first-rate.

Additional Contract Manufacturing and Testing/Inspection Services

  • Contract Manufacturing: With our vast facility encompassing expert technicians, engineers, designers and technologically advanced machines, we have everything you need to assemble your electronic products. Contact us to work out a plan and we can put everything together for you — we'll even drop-ship to your final location.
  • Testing and Inspection Capabilities: Reliable circuit boards require reliable testing, which is why we offer high-tech automated optical inspection and careful visual inspection under magnification. We can also provide custom testing and inspection services, including direct in-circuit testing.

The Primary Industries That We Serve

Here are the industries that most commonly contract our PCB assembly services, but this is only a sampling. Whatever your industry, if you use PCBs, please contact us.

Choose EMSG as Your PCB Assembly and Electronics Manufacturing Company in Buffalo, NY

EMSG is your ideal Buffalo PCB assembly company. We are a turnkey solution that does all our work in our ISO 9001-certified, state-of-the-art facility. We do it fast and right, increasing your productivity and potentially helping you reduce costs. To place your first order, call us at 717-764-0002 or contact us online now.