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PCB Assembly and Electronics Manufacturing in Cleveland, OH

You work with electronic products in your Cleveland business, so you know that reliable printed circuit boards are essential to product function. Assembling and installing these printed circuit boards accurately and in a timely fashion is a challenge many companies must face.

If you’ve been on the lookout for an electronics manufacturing company in Cleveland that can help you streamline your PCB assembly operations, you should know that EMSG provides PCB assembly services all along the East Coast and for businesses throughout Ohio. Rather than settle for a local electronics manufacturing company without a decades-long reputation, turnkey solutions or state-of-the-art equipment, let EMSG be your printed circuit board assembly company in Cleveland, OH.

Our Primary Services

We offer a complete range of PCB assembly and related services, such as:

  • Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) Manufacturing: Most of today’s high-tech electronics run on surface-mount technology circuit boards, which allow you to place many complex components on one board. Mass-producing SMT PCBs requires fast, accurate pick and place machines, and those used by EMSG are the best the industry has to offer.
  • Through-Hole Manufacturing: While SMT PCBs are becoming increasingly popular, we know that there are plenty of companies that rely on through-hole manufactured boards. We know this because we assemble them all the time, with machines that are fast, accurate and produce great results, just like our SMT machines. Both types of circuit boards we assemble meet IPC-A-610 standards.
  • Box Building and Final Assembly: Our turnkey operation means that we can assemble your printed circuit boards along with your sub-assemblies, cables, housings and anything else, up to complete final assembly.
  • Electronic Assembly: If you need a bunch of prototypes or full units fast, our small and medium batch services will do the trick. We can and frequently do deliver electronic assembly units in batches of 50,000 or fewer.

Additional Contract Manufacturing and Inspection

  • Contract Manufacturing: If you’re going to outsource your PCB assembly, why not outsource your entire process at the same time? We can consult on your design, assemble your PCBs, perform your box building and final assembly, and package and ship your products. Just decide what is most convenient for you and we will perform all of the services you need.
  • Testing and Inspection Capabilities: You can rely on our detailed testing and inspection processes, which can include automated optical inspection, 3D scanning and visual inspection under magnification. We also offer extensive in-circuit testing services. Contact us so we can customize a testing and inspection process for your needs.

Examples of Industries We Serve

Can we perform electronic assembly for your business in Cleveland, OH? We have successfully and consistently completed services for these industries and more:

Call EMSG for Your PCB Assembly Services in Cleveland, OH Now

Our ISO 9001:2015-certified facility has everything necessary to deliver your PCBs exactly how and when you want them. Benefit from 30 years of experience and a steadfast commitment to quality by contacting EMSG for all your PCB assembly needs. You can reach us online or at 717-764-0002. Contact us now to get started!