PCB Assembly and Electronics Manufacturing in Columbus, OH

Whether your business in Columbus, OH is old or new, if it involves electronics, it involves printed circuit boards. Printed circuit boards come in many different types, shapes and sizes, but they all have to be assembled correctly so your electronic products can work as they are supposed to.

That’s where EMSG comes in. Although we are located in York, PA, we think you will find our electronic assembly services superior to any electronics manufacturing company in Columbus, OH. That’s because we have over 30 years of experience correctly and efficiently assembling all manner of printed circuit boards. Combine that with our state-of-the-art equipment, wide range of services and expert technicians and it’s easy to see why smart business owners choose us as their printed circuit board assembly company in Columbus.

Full Range of PCB Assembly and Manufacturing Services

We do it all. Come to us when you need:

Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) PCBs

 If you need surface-mount technology printed circuit boards fast, you’ll want to take advantage of our high-tech pick and place machines. We only use equipment that operates with incredible speed and precision, including our Decan F2 that can place 80,000 components an hour.

Through-Hole PCBs

If your PCBs need a bit more stability and strength, you may prefer the traditional through-hole printed circuit boards. Like our SMT PCBs, we assemble through-hole boards extremely fast and according to IPC-A-610 standard requirements.

Box Building and Final Assembly

Printed circuit board assembly is only part of the job. If you need a full box build and final assembly, we can add supporting wires and cables, hook up a user interface, put your components in their final housing and do whatever else is required to get your products ready to go.

Electronic Assembly

Fast and accurate electronic assembly for small to medium batches is our specialty. If you need a batch of 50,000 or fewer prototypes or regular units assembled right away, our team is ready and waiting.