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PCB Manufacturing and Assembly in New Jersey

Staying competitive in an electronics-based business in New Jersey can be difficult, especially if you are struggling to find the right assembly company for your printed circuit boards. If you haven’t been able to find the right PCB assembly services in New Jersey, it's time to look over the PA border.

For over 30 years, EMSG has been a reliable source of PCB assembly and related services in PA and we service many locations throughout the East Coast, including MD, NY and NJ. We pride ourselves on being able to meet the needs of many growing companies seeking a reliable PCB assembly and electronics manufacturing company in New Jersey.

Primary Capabilities Serving the New Jersey Area

We offer full PCB assembly and related services for our New Jersey customers, including:

  • Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) Manufacturing: You need fast, reliable surface-mount technology assembly that meets IPC A-610 standards, and we have it. In fact, we have multiple pick and place SMT machines, including a Decan F2 that can place components at the astonishing rate of 80,000 parts per hour.
  • Through-Hole Manufacturing: If you rely on through-hole printed circuit boards, you don’t need to look beyond EMSG. We have a great deal of experience assembling through-hole printed circuit boards and can deliver yours as fast as you need them.
  • Electronic Assembly: We focus on small- and medium-batch electronic assembly of about 50,000 or fewer units. We can provide prototypes as well as actual production units.
  • Box Building and Final Assembly: We are happy to perform box build services for your convenience, whether that involves simply installing your PCB in the appropriate housing, adding a user interface or whatever your needs may be. We are also capable of performing final assembly of your product and ensuring it is ready to ship.

Turnkey Manufacturing and Testing/Inspection Capabilities

  • Turnkey Manufacturing: Our contract manufacturing saves you from the headaches of trying to pull resources together from multiple companies and locations. Our large facility is fully equipped to help you with all stages of your process, from design to PCB assembly to final assembly to drop-shipping your products right to your customers.
  • Testing and Inspection: Our rigorous testing and inspection services include automated optical inspection and visual examination under magnification, and can incorporate 3D scanning, extensive in-circuit testing and custom testing/inspection services.

Our Industries of Focus

These are the industries we typically focus on. However, they are only a sampling of the industries that can benefit from our PCB assembly services. If your company doesn’t seem to fit our list, please call us and we will show you how we can accommodate your needs.

Choose ESMG as Your Printed Circuit Board Assembly Company in New Jersey

We will match the quality of our service up against any New Jersey electronics manufacturing company and exceed your highest expectations. We have a dedicated ISO 9001-certified facility and are registered with the FDA, meeting their exacting standards in all our procedures. When you choose ESMG, you will enjoy printed circuit boards assembled just as you need them and delivered to you or your customers fast. To get started, give us a call at 717-764-0002 or contact us online today.