PCB Assembly and Electronics Manufacturing in North Carolina

North Carolina is a hub of research, development and technology. If your business is located in North Carolina and involves electronic products or applications, you must have a reliable source of high-quality printed circuit boards if you are to be competitive.

Getting the printed circuit board assembly and delivery you need from the average electronics manufacturing company in North Carolina may be difficult. They may not have experience with the type of PCBs you need assembled, or you may need additional services that the typical North Carolina electronics manufacturing company does not provide.

The solution to all these problems is simple. Just choose EMSG as your printed circuit board assembly company in North Carolina and you’ll benefit from our extensive industry experience, leading-edge equipment and exemplary service offerings.

Extensive Selection of PCB and Electronics Manufacturing Services

EMSG has the capabilities to manage all your PCB assembly needs, including

Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) Printed Circuit Boards

 Mounting elements directly to the circuit board is the most efficient way to assemble boards, especially with large numbers of components. We do it faster and better than anyone, with multiple pick and place machines that are incredibly quick and accurate.

Through-Hole Printed Circuit Boards

Plenty of companies still benefit from the use of through-hole printed circuit boards, especially when you want a tighter bond between components and board for rougher applications. We have the technology to assemble many through-hole boards quickly and in compliance with IPC-A-610 standards.

Box Building and Final Assembly

 We can ship you assembled printed circuit boards, or we can do a full box build and final assembly, installing your PCB in its housing with whatever sub-assembly components you need.

Electronic Assembly

 We can put together finished units in small to medium batches of 50,000 or fewer extremely quickly. This service is ideal for prototypes or first runs.