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PCB Assembly and Electronics Manufacturing in Richmond, Virginia

Your electronics-based company in Richmond, VA depends on a steady delivery of printed circuit boards that you can count on. That means finding the right printed circuit board assembly company is crucial. No matter what your PCB assembly needs are, you won’t find an electronics manufacturing company in Richmond, Virginia better at meeting them than EMSG.

Since its founding in the 1990s, EMSG has established itself as the ideal source for small to medium batches of assembly units across industries and all over the East Coast. We do all types of PCB assembly, box building, testing and inspections and more. We are a turnkey solution and the last PCB assembly company you’ll ever need.

Our PCB Services and Manufacturing Capabilities

What does a turnkey solution mean? It means we do it all, including:

  • Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) Manufacturing: If you need surface-mount technology PCBs assembled according to IPC A-610 standards, you want ESMG. Our multiple high-speed pick and place machines, including the blazing fast Decan F2, allow us to rapidly assemble even the most complex SMT board with total accuracy.
  • Through-Hole Manufacturing: SMT printed circuit boards aren’t your thing? Or do your products use a mix of SMT boards and through-hole manufactured boards? No problem. Fast and accurate through-hole PCB assembly is easy with our skilled technicians and cutting-edge technology.
  • Electronic Assembly: If you are a medium-sized company that needs small batches of 50,000 or fewer prototypes or units assembled at a time, you’ve come to the right place. We have delivered these small to medium batches accurately and on time thousands of times over.
  • Box Building and Final Assembly: Want us to assemble more than just your PCB? Want us to add a user interface or a protective housing, or assemble the whole unit? Box building and final assembly are well within our capabilities.

Testing/Inspection and Turnkey Solutions

  • Testing and Inspection Capabilities: We spare no expense when it comes to our testing and inspection procedures, including a 3D scanner for defect detection in three dimensions and detailed visual inspection under magnification. We offer rigorous in-circuit testing and are happy to apply a custom testing and inspection program to your units.
  • Turnkey Solutions: The fewer stops your components have to make on the way to becoming a finished product, the more efficient your operation. That’s why we are a turnkey assembly company that can work with you on your product design, assemble your PCBs, complete your box building and final assembly, and even ship your finished units to their ultimate destination.

Examples of Industries We Serve

Worried that your industry isn’t suitable for our PCB services? We can practically guarantee that it is. Here are some of the industries we serve frequently.

EMSG for PCB Assembly Services in Richmond, VA

You’ll want to choose EMSG over any local Richmond, Virginia electronics manufacturing company because we can get your assembled PCBs to you just as fast and with industry-leading quality. We perform all work in our modern, fully equipped facility, which is ISO-9001 certified and meets FDA regulations.

To learn more about how we can help you take your company to the next level, get in touch with us online or call 717-764-0002 today.