Electronics Manufacturing and PCB Services in Rockville, Maryland

If electronics play any role in your business, you understand the importance of your printed circuit boards. If you have been searching for a printed circuit board assembly company in Rockville, MD, that you can rely on, look no further. EMSG, Pennsylvania’s most reliable PCB assembly and electronics manufacturing company, operates in Rockville, MD, as well.

We are well-known for our reliability and efficiency with respect to PCB assembly. As a company that is ISO 9001-certified, we are required to adhere to the highest possible standards when assembling our printed circuit boards, so whether you need surface-mount technology boards or through-hole boards, you can be sure that each unit you receive will meet your specifications.

Main PCB and Manufacturing Services

Our primary PCB assembly and manufacturing services include:

Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) Manufacturing

 Our most popular service, we can easily assemble your surface-mount technology boards according to IPC A-610 standards. We work quickly and accurately with our multiple pick and place machines.

Through-Hole Manufacturing

Some companies prefer the traditional through-hole manufactured printed circuit boards for their applications. We use semi-automatic and automatic manufacturing methods and can provide you with a full order of these boards as easily as we can your SMT boards.

Electronic Assembly

We are known for our ability to produce small- and medium-batch electronic assemblies. Quickly putting together as many as 50,000 prototypes is no problem. We can assemble full production units as well.

Box Building and Final Assembly

 You can order assembled PCBs for your applications or save time and money by letting us do the full box building and final assembly. We can even drop-ship the finished product right to your customers if you so desire.