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College and University PCB Services

As higher education institutions rely increasingly on technology for daily operations, printed circuit board (PCB) services ensure that electronic applications across the institution are working optimally.

If your college or university is looking for PCB services for design, fabrication or testing, Electronic Manufacturing Services Group, Inc. has the expertise and capabilities to meet your needs. From conceptualizing what you need to developing the final product for your institution, we can help you with each step of the process with our circuit board assembly services.


Our PCB Assembly Services

Assembling PCBs requires expertise to ensure optimal setup. At EMSG, we can provide surface mount and thru-hole assembly services for your institution’s needs.

The service you choose will depend on the individual project requirements, so you’ll want to consider what assembly process will work best for your needs.


Surface Mount

Surface mount technology, or SMT, involves attaching all electrical components of a device to a printed circuit board. Cost-effective and easy to assemble, it’s a fast, efficient process that allows for many components to fit in a small amount of space.

Consider surface mount options if you’re looking for the most efficient method to save space and time. With our advanced equipment, we can provide high-performance assembly with a short turnaround time for your college or university.

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In this assembly process, engineers drill holes into a printed circuit board and then attach the leads through the holes, creating a more durable and resilient product.

When it comes to large components such as electrolytic capacitors, transformers and semiconductors, thru-hole PCB assembly is the best choice. It ensures reliability and endurance for long-term performance.

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Our Contract Manufacturing Services

If your institution decides to outsource PCB work, ESMG is dedicated to providing reliable, quality service to deliver the results you need. We are invested in getting an in-depth understanding of your technical needs and ensuring that the outsourced work meets your requirements.

Trust us to help you get the resources and expertise you need to accomplish the task. Our contract manufacturing services cover three main areas to provide what you need:

  • Box building and turnkey final assembly
  • Electronics components assembly
  • Testing
Colleges and Universities

Small Batch Design and Fabrication for Colleges and Universities

EMSG is a small batch manufacturer, so we can focus on producing high-quality products for technology with under 50,000 components. Our process is organized to provide convenient, customized service for your institution. To ensure quality products, we follow four main steps for design and fabrication:

  1. To get started, we’ll work with your college or university to identify your specific needs and develop a customized design.
  2. Then we’ll create a prototype to resolve any outstanding issues before completing a high-volume run.
  3. After selecting your preferred method of circuit board assembly services, we’ll put together the circuit board and assemble the components.
  4. As the final step, we’ll do a last inspection for quality control.
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Projects and Applications for Your Institution

Your higher education institution can use our PCB services for a variety of industry-related technological needs. PCBs are a powerful tool that can help your college or university operate with the highest possible efficiency, whether you use them for day-to-day operations or complex technical capabilities and systems.

At EMSG, we offer PCB design services for a range of projects and applications that your institution may need, such as:

  • Lighting
  • Electronic systems and process controls
  • Architecture
  • Commercial electronics
  • HVAC control systems
Colleges and Universities

Why Choose EMSG

Outsourcing your electronic assembly needs is more important than ever for today’s business. Why choose EMSG?

When you require timely services, value and product excellence – CONTACT EMSG!

We provide top notch customer satisfaction

We provide top notch customer satisfaction

We serve over a dozen industries

We serve over a dozen industries

We value quality on ever order filled

We value quality on ever order filled

We provide quick turnaround times

We provide quick turnaround times

Our Rigorous Testing and Inspection

To ensure that your PCBs are functioning optimally, we provide comprehensive testing and inspection for quality control. We know the challenges that can come from errors, and we offer the expertise to ensure that your circuit board fully meets your needs. We focus on creating a custom design and prototype that will help us catch errors before fabrication.

Throughout the PCB assembly process, we continue to ensure quality with circuit board testing and inspection services, including:

  • Optical inspection
  • Functional inspection
  • In-circuit inspection

When you choose our team for PCB services, you can be confident that we’ve conducted careful quality control measures throughout the production process.

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Trust EMSG for Quality PCB Assembly Services

Since 1995, EMSG has been committed to meeting PCB assembly needs with outstanding customer service and product quality. We’re committed to delivering the highest quality services for your institution’s needs.

For more information about what we have to offer, get in touch with us today.

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