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Medical Device PCB Assembly and Contract Manufacturing

Medical device manufacturers — including those that manufacture high performance electronic medical devices and other electronic medical devices — are required to meet strict sanitary and quality control benchmarks. If your device includes printed circuit boards or other electronics, this presents an additional challenge. The best way to minimize risk is to work with a medical device circuit board manufacturer that has experience in your industry.

EMSG has been providing medical equipment PCB assembly services and contract manufacturing since 1995. We are FDA-registered and follow all relevant best practices during the assembly process. As a result, we are an electronic medical device manufacturer that is uniquely equipped to help you bring to market reliable pumps, robotics, power supplies and other medical devices.
Medical Equipment with Circut Boards

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PCBs in Medical Devices

As PCB assemblies advance, so too do their applications in a growing range of advanced technology and medical equipment. In addition, due to smart devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT), devices are now expected to give healthcare professionals more real-time data on their patients than ever before — as well as operate with greater precision based upon more precise sensors. Add to this the breakthroughs wearable technology is making in health care, and it’s clear why the proliferation of PCBs in medical devices is showing no signs of slowing down.

Some of the most integral uses of PCBs in medical devices include:

    • Infusion Pumps: From insulin to patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) pumps, the ability for patients to have precisely delivered fluids in both stationary and portable models is significantly improving the benefits of various therapies. In almost all cases where infusion pumps provide specific amounts of medicines, nutrients and other fluids in an automated fashion, PCBs are making sure the pumps perform to FDA regulations.
    • CT and CAT Scanners: Computerized tomography (CT) and computerized axial tomography (CAT) scanners produce highly detailed X-ray images. These are so sensitive to changes in density that they can even represent tissues found inside organs in the body with high accuracy. While these scanners take 2-D images of the “slice” of the body being scanned by combining the data from multiple images, computers equipped with PCBs can create 3-D pictures of that data.
    • Robotics: The use of robotics in the medical field is growing rapidly. In fact, experts predict that by 2023, the global medical robotics market will reach $20 billion. Some of the most critical uses of robots include telemedicine, sanitation and disinfection, surgical assistance, medical transportation, rehabilitation and automated prescription dispensing systems. Of course, highly advanced PCBs drive all these robots and systems.
    • Power Supplies for Medical Devices: The safety of patients and the professionals treating them is a key consideration for healthcare organizations and medical devices manufacturers. For this reason, medical power supplies in the U.S. are required to comply with safety standards as outlined in IEC60601-1. To ensure they do so, they must be outfitted with top-quality PCBs.

PCB Assembly

Today’s medical devices are lighter and more compact than ever before thanks to their use of surface-mount technology (SMT) circuit boards. Surface mounting allows for products up to one-third the size of those employing conventional circuit boards. It's also extremely fast and cost-effective.

EMSG is a leading expert in SMT circuit board assembly for medical devices. We assemble all PCBs in medical devices to the IPC-A-610 standard, in both leaded and ROHS technologies. Our investment in high-quality equipment allows us to turn around orders faster without affecting quality control.

In addition to SMT assembly, we can also provide conventional thru-hole assembly. Thru-hole mounting is a more time-consuming process that has some benefits when manufacturing robust devices and during the prototyping stages of a project. For assistance determining which method is best for your project, contact EMSG directly.

Contract Manufacturing

EMSG is your partner for more than just medical equipment PCB assembly services. We are fully qualified to provide contract manufacturing for healthcare companies. We can help you source parts including wiring harnesses and sub-assemblies and perform the box build and final assembly according to your specifications. We can also perform inspection and testing as well as drop-shipping to your end-user.

Contract manufacturing is an excellent option for smaller companies that want to take the hassle and expense out of bringing their product to market. As a complete turnkey solutions provider, EMSG will work to make the process smooth and trouble-free, keeping your costs down and respecting your broader business goals.

Our Commitment to Quality Control

The risks of bringing a nonconforming product to market are obvious for medical device manufacturers. Aside from reputational damage, there's also the potential for fines and liability costs that can jeopardize the future of your business. To manage risk, you need to work with partners you can trust.

That's where EMSG comes in. As a leading electronic medical device manufacturer, we perform all PCB assembly, manufacturing and testing services in our York, PA, facility. Our business is ISO 9001 registered, which means transparency and quality management are integral parts of our organizational culture.

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To ensure a high level of customer service for all clients, we serve manufacturers within a 500-mile radius of our York, PA, headquarters. That puts us within range of many Northeastern biotech and medical device manufacturing companies and a short drive from all major population centers. To learn how we can help you, call our offices at 717-764-0002 or email our office to request a consultation with one of our experts.

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