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PCB Assembly Services for Telecom Companies

From small consumer devices to outdoor infrastructure that must withstand extreme weather conditions, EMSG can provide PCB manufacturing services for a range of telecom products. We work closely with our customers to determine the best solutions for their application and can turn around any project quickly and efficiently. Utilizing sophisticated equipment and drawing from an organizational culture where quality control is ingrained, we consistently deliver results telecom companies can trust.
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How We Can Help

EMSG specializes in telecom PCB manufacturing and prototyping services. Typically, we provide telecom PCB assembly for both leaded and ROHS specifications. Our services include:

  • Surface-mount technology (SMT) assembly: SMT is a cost-effective way to produce compact and lightweight products. As a result, it is well-suited for a variety of telecom applications including home networking equipment, handheld radios and more.
  • Thru-hole technology assembly: Thru-hole PCB mounting is an older technology that is more time-consuming to complete. However, it produces stronger bonds between components and circuit boards, making it an excellent choice for applications where additional durability is required.
  • Box build and final assembly: Turn PCBs into functioning products and prototypes with our box build services. We can help you source wiring harnesses and enclosures and we will perform the required assembly and burn-in in our facilities.
  • Inspection and testing: We inspect all completed units under magnification to ensure consistency and quality control. We also offer additional services such as automated optical inspection, in-circuit testing and functional testing as required by our customers.
  • Contract manufacturing: For the telecom industry, contract manufacturing can include PCB assembly, box build, testing and final assembly, as well as drop shipment to your end user or distributor. As a dedicated supplier of turnkey solutions, EMSG will help you bring your product to market with a minimal amount of expense and hassle.

Visit individual service pages for technical details and more information about how we can help you.

A Partner to the Telecom Industry

EMSG was founded in 1995 to offer dedicated manufacturing support to a range of industries. Telecom is one of our main areas of service. Through strategic investments in high-quality equipment and well-trained staff, we have expanded our capacity over the years to include a wide range of telecom PCB manufacturing and related services.

We have developed and implemented an ISO 9001-registered quality management system to reduce errors without compromising productivity. Most importantly, we’ll take the time to understand your priorities and tailor our services accordingly. This can mean rushing a prototype into production or sourcing the best enclosure for your product, among other things.

PCBs In Telecom Equipment or Devices

In the modern age of technology, PCBs are finding themselves in use across all industries, so it’s only natural to find telecom equipment with printed circuit boards. In fact, it may be much harder to find telecom devices that do not have printed circuit boards than those that do.

The need for telecom industry PCB assembly services is also exploding with the number of uses for PCBs in telecom equipment. Here's a look at some common telecommunications equipment with PCBs:

  • Telecom Towers: Telecom towers — consisting of antennae, dishes and receivers — are designed to receive information from and transmit information to cell phones so that the cell phones in a network can operate.
  • Cell Phones: Smaller and more powerful printed circuit boards are what have enabled smartphones to do so much, effectively making them into portable computers.
  • Base Transceiver Stations: A base transceiver station is another piece of vital equipment for communication between devices and their network, consisting of antennae, transceivers, amplifiers and duplexes.
  • Telecom Processors: Telecommunication processors control various support systems in your telecommunications network.
  • Multiplexers: Multiplexers are telecommunications processors that sort various inputs into a single line output, allowing for a large amount of data to be sent over a network. Multiplexers are sometimes referred to as data selectors.
  • Modems: Modems, of course, are the core device that allows your computer to communicate with the internet.
  • Routers: Your router protects your network and allows your various network devices to communicate through your modem.

Getting Started

Based in York, PA, we are ideally situated to work with customers in the Philadelphia, New York and D.C. Metro areas. The first step in any project is a consultation with our staff. If you’re interested in working with the top telecom PCB manufacturer in York, PA, contact the EMSG office directly at 717-764-0002.