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Transportation PCB Assembly Services

Several years ago, the idea of a computerized system in an automobile seemed absurd, but with advancing technology, every new car introduced to the market is equipped with a sophisticated printed circuit board. These printed circuit boards are responsible for controlling core vehicle functionality like generated service alerts and actively enabling specific safety features.

Vehicles on a freeway

But as technology becomes more convenient for daily vehicle operations, these PCBs also control navigation systems and GPS, sensor controls and cellular communication. Since automotive circuit board manufacturing is a crucial component for reliable vehicle operations, manufacturers need to ensure they have access to the most intricate and reliable PCBs for lasting safety and performance.

Electronic Manufacturing Services Group understands the importance of careful, detailed craftsmanship, and our printed circuit boards are designed according to the strictest standards for optimal results. We produce a variety of different PCB products for specialized automobile applications and work with all of our clients to determine which PCB assembly components best accommodate your specific applications. With our ongoing commitment to quality control and exceptional PCB assembly for automotive applications, we guarantee lasting results, safety and power.

PCB Assembly Services for Transportation and Traffic

With evolving technology, there's a variety of different printed circuit board solutions available, and various transportation vehicles and devices require different technology for optimal functionality. At Electronic Manufacturing Services Group, we specialize in the design and production of several types of PCBs that can handle a range of different uses. All of our flex, rigid and rigid-flex PCBs are crafted with exceptional-quality materials to support high temperatures, heavy-duty use and long-lasting lifespans.

Our automotive circuit board manufacturing services and assessments are completed according to the highest industry-specific regulations and include:

  • Surface-mount technology (SMT) assembly: SMT is one of the most cost-effective methods for producing lightweight products. Due to its efficiency, SMT is one of the best applications for automotive circuit board manufacturing.
  • Thru-hole technology assembly: While thru-hole assembly is more time intensive to complete, it is a superior manufacturing method that produces stronger holds between components and circuit boards for improved durability and effective performance.car with printed circuit boards
  • Inspection and testingNo transportation electronics assembly project is complete until it has been thoroughly tested and inspected by one of our qualified company experts.

How EMSG Can Help — A Partner For Transportation Industry PCB Assembly Services in Automotive and Traffic Infrastructure

Local York, PA area businesses have relied on our full-service PCB design and creation for all of their needs. We have established a reputation for high-quality, specialized products, knowledgeable and well-trained staff with the widespread capacity  to handle a range of PCB services. Our experience and level of quality has given us the ability to work with companies within the traffic and transportation industries and provide them with the custom products they need. Our personalized approach helps to set us apart as a true partner for the industry.

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As York's leading automotive circuit board manufacturer, EMSG understands that local business owners need access to high-performance, durable and dependable equipment for long-term results. We offer a full lineup of the latest PCB assembly solutions to handle any industry need and performance expectations. If you're interested in learning more about our PCB products for automotive applications, call us today at 717-764-0002 or complete our online contact form.