pcb assembly in modern medicine

The Importance of Electronics in Modern Medicine and Its Emergence

By Electronic Manufacturing Services Group | July 24, 2018

Electronics and its related technology are a vital part of the continued evolution of modern medicine and medical equipment. Innovation is ever-expanding, forcing all categories within this industry to change with it. This is especially true in modern medicine and health care. New technology’s increasing role is not going unnoticed. The electronic age is extending…

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how to choose a PCB assembly company

How to Choose a PCB Assembly Company (7 Step Process)

By Electronic Manufacturing Services Group | April 19, 2018

By the time you’ve reached the assembly phase, you’ve already dedicated a lot of time and resources to your printed circuit board project. You want to ensure that this crucial step does your product justice. If you’re outsourcing your assembly, you want to make sure you choose the right partner. The vast array of available…

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by the end of 2018, global pcb product sales value is expected to reach 82 billion

5 Most Common PCB Repairs

By Electronic Manufacturing Services Group | April 18, 2018

Many don’t realize that the electronics, devices, and items they own are built upon several internal components which work collaboratively to provide the necessary functionality and features they use. A mobile phone, for example, is more than just the casing, buttons, and display you see on the outside. Inside the device are several pieces that…

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composition of a pcb

The Basics of PCB Design and Composition

By Electronic Manufacturing Services Group | November 30, 2017

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are devices that support and connect the electric components in almost all consumer and industrial electronics. The components are usually connected together using tracks and pads of conductive material — usually etched copper — that are then bonded to a piece of non-conductive substrate sheeting, usually fiberglass or epoxy. All of…

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