Box Build/Final Assembly

Turnkey PCB Manufacturing

In today’s globalized economy, an increasing number of businesses are outsourcing some or all of their manufacturing to reliable third-party installers. With this growing demand, turnkey printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing services are more important than ever. If you already count on EMSG for PCB or other electronic assembly services, make your assembly process completely turnkey by having us take over the box build stage, as well.

We are an ISO 9001-registered company with extensive experience performing mechanical assembly for clients in demanding industries. Best of all, we are conveniently located in York, PA, and complete all work in-house. As a result, we are the ideal partner for any organization based in Philadelphia, New York, Washington, D.C. and other East Coast metro areas.

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What Is Box Build Assembly, and How Does It Relate to Turnkey PCB?

As a part of a total turnkey PCB manufacturing solution, box build assembly is another name for the mechanical systems integration phase of the PCB manufacturing process. Unlike the primary PCB assembly, where the manufacturer only builds and delivers circuit boards, a turnkey box build assembly goes the extra mile by putting the circuit board in a finished product.

Box Build/Final Assembly

This includes sourcing and installing wiring harnesses and cables, designing and installing any sub-assembly components, and putting the whole package together in a customized enclosure. Other steps in a box build may include software loading and system configuration, packaging and labeling, and more.

Additionally, the product may be subject to burn-in or functional and final testing as part of the quality control process. Following a box build, the completed unit may be drop-shipped directly to the customer or sent back to the manufacturer for additional packaging or testing.

What Is Included in a Box Build Assembly?

A box build assembly includes multiple services related to the assembly and delivery of a project. The services provided as part of a box build assembly depend on the company’s capabilities and the client’s needs.

As a turnkey assembly solution, box build services cover the steps you need to complete between PCB assembly and product delivery. Your box build assembly partner will design their process around your specifications and develop a custom solution that allows you to meet your project goals.

Your electronic assembly partner may complete any of these tasks as part of a box build project:

Box Build/Final Assembly

How Is a Box Build Assembly Done?

Every box build assembly involves a unique process that depends on the client’s specifications. To understand your project requirements, your assembly partner may request these documents:

  • Bill of materials: Your project’s bill of materials includes some of the most important information for the box build assembly process, including the project’s components and materials.
  • 3D CAD model: A 3D CAD model of your project provides your assembly partner with a visual overview of your desired results. Many companies also have CAD packages that allow them to use CAD drawings in the assembly process.
  • Product dimensions: Your unit’s size and weight influence your assembly partner’s handling, storage and shipping procedures. This information helps them complete the box build assembly process more efficiently.
  • Prototype unit: Sample units provide your partner with visual and physical information about your intended results. If you don’t have a CAD drawing of your project, some companies can develop a design based on a prototype.
  • Testing use cases: Consider providing your partner with testing use cases. Most companies can help develop use cases for your product testing. If you have electrical testing knowledge, you could also create your own use cases.
  • Shipping information: By determining how to package and ship your product before building, you give your assembly partner important information. Your packaging and shipping information influences how the company will complete the other steps in the process.
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Wire Harness and Cable Assembly Services

Your wire harness and cable assemblies are the electrical delivery systems within and outside your box build. These are critical components, and they have a significant impact on the form, fit and function of your box build. Your assembly partner will design wire harness and cable assemblies with the right combination of materials for your specific project needs, so you get a solution that delivers optimal efficiency.

At ESMG, we have the tools, space and equipment necessary to offer quick turnarounds and stellar results. Work with the professionals at ESMG for reliable and quick cabling and wire harnessing services.

Benefits of Box Build Assembly Services

Performing electromechanical assembly services in-house requires dedicated staff and equipment, as well as additional production space. Outsourcing the box build assembly of your product to EMSG is an excellent way of keeping overhead costs down while maintaining a high level of quality control. We are capable of turning around complex projects quickly, reducing your cycle times and bringing your product to market faster.

Working with EMSG will ultimately free up your internal resources to focus on product development, marketing and other strategic tasks. We strive to build meaningful relationships with OEMs and suppliers through transparent communication. As a domestic box build assembly services facility based in York, PA, we can deliver all the benefits of outsourcing without the hassle and uncertainty of working with an overseas provider.

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Box Build/Final Assembly

How to Choose the Right Box Build Assembly Services

Every assembly partner takes a different approach to the box build process. The right company for your project will have the experience, capabilities and certifications to meet and exceed your requirements.

When searching for box build assembly services, consider these factors:

  • Industry-specific needs: Does the company meet critical standards in your industry such as FDA regulations?
  • Turnaround time: How quickly can they deliver results, especially in quick-turn deliveries?
  • Proximity: How close is the facility operate to your company and your customers?
  • Equipment: Does the facility have advanced equipment that can create accurate and efficient results?
  • Ethical practices: If your business has ethical considerations, does your assembly partner operate in line with those ethics?
  • Custom capabilities: What types of custom capabilities can the partner offer to your company?
  • Communication: Does the company clearly and frequently communicate with you during the box build assembly process?

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If you operate in the Mid-Atlantic, consider EMSG for your box build assembly services. We provide turnkey box builds for small to medium-batch projects.

Box Build/Final Assembly

The EMSG Box Build and PCB Assembly Process

At EMSG, we understand the importance of attention to detail for success in electronic manufacturing. From the start of each project to its final shipment, our team strives to raise the bar for quality and value in everything we do. As your box build assembly partner, we will ensure that we deliver the exact results you want. Our team has experience with quick-turn deliveries, specific drop shipments and other project delivery methods.

To give you a better idea of our services, consider the steps we take to provide you with turnkey products ready to be installed:

Box Build/Final Assembly

  • Consultation: Each project begins with a detailed consultation in which we take the time to learn your business and tailor our services accordingly. In this consultation, we can also offer you a free quote to help you understand how much the box build PCB assembly services will cost and why. This stage is an excellent way to figure out your needs and develop a solution that exceeds your expectations.
  • The manufacturing process: After the consultation stage, we’ll take care of the rest. Based on your needs, we’ll design and source the required materials. Next, we’ll install these cables, sub-assembly components and wiring harnesses through soldering and other processes.
  • Putting it in a box: After the PCB has been assembled, we then place the circuit board in a custom-designed enclosure to provide clients with a product ready to use immediately. During this stage, a prototype PCB and enclosure can be created and then sent to the client to see if it meets their needs, with EMSG adjusting it as needed based on client feedback. We can also load design software and configure the system for use.
  • Inspection and testing: At EMSG, we know how important it is to have reliable and functional products. Before we deliver the final product to your door, we’ll perform highly-detailed testing and inspection services to ensure we’re giving you only the best. In this process, we’ll begin with a visual inspection, but we may also include in-circuit testing, functional testing and automated optical inspection.
  • Labeling and shipping: Once the inspection clears the product, we’ll handle the packing and labeling products, getting them wherever you need quickly.
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Our Services

Our team specializes in all aspects of electromechanical assembly. If we are already meeting your printed circuit board assembly needs, consider trusting us with additional aspects of the production cycle. Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art assembly and testing equipment.

We offer total turnkey procurement of metal and plastic enclosures, wire harnesses and custom overlays. Custom packaging can range from complex point of sale packaging to bulk packaging. We are committed to ethical sourcing and manufacturing practices, and have implemented policies to eliminate conflict minerals in our supply chain.

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