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Circuit Board Contract Manufacturing Services

The decision to outsource your printed circuit board assembly needs is a critical one for any business and its supply chain. We understand that you have many potential partners to choose from, but if you are looking for a qualified manufacturer that can provide customer satisfaction and extremely high quality of work, look no further than Electronic Manufacturing Services Group, Inc.

Based in York, PA, EMSG provides electronic contract manufacturing services for several different industries. We strive to foster close relationships with all our clients, taking the time to understand not just their technical requirements but also their broader business needs. Ultimately, our goal is to help you bring better products to market — and contract manufacturing is a critical part of that.

Our Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Services

Our electronic contract manufacturing expertise encompasses a range of services:

  • Electronics component assembly: We provide surface mount and through-hole electronics assembly to IPC-A-610 standards in both leaded and ROHS technologies. An extensive selection of component placers, screen printers, soldering tools and other equipment drives both automated and semi-automated assembly processes. Our team works in two shifts to expedite orders while ensuring a high standard of quality control and circuit board assembly.
  • Box building and turnkey final assembly: We are unique from other local competitors in our box build capabilities, making us an ideal partner for contract electronic manufacturing in Pennsylvania. We’ll work with you to source a metal or plastic enclosure for your product, as well as any necessary wire harnesses or other components. We can also provide custom overlays and install them as part of the final assembly process to leave you with a finished electronic product design that’s ready for immediate drop shipment.
  • Testing: Your customers demand a high level of quality control — working with a contract manufacturer that can deliver in-house final testing is critical to both your reputation and your peace of mind. EMSG has a range of tools for in-circuit testing and optical inspection that makes it easy to identify missing, damaged or incorrect components before the final assembly stage.

Because we specialize in electronic manufacturing, we can customize our services according to each client’s requirements. Beyond our extensive technical expertise, you will find in EMSG a level of flexibility and commitment to your success that larger contract manufacturers can’t deliver.

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Contract Manufacturing

How We Help

As a leading electronics contract PCB fabrication company, we are well equipped to handle both board-level and complete box build assemblies, including customized packaging and dynamic manufacturing. Our goal is to achieve customer satisfaction with superior service and products. From prototypes to high-volume production, EMSG has the personnel and equipment to ensure on-time delivery of a quality product.

Whether your requirement is for in-circuit testing, functional testing, customized packaging or drop shipping to your end customer, we can accommodate your needs. EMSG can also be an integral part of the electronic design, whether you require a board layout or electronic engineering services to change it from thru-hole to surface mount technology.

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Our Clients

Contract Manufacturing

In the past, EMSG has provided contract electronics manufacturing services to customers in the following industries:

  • Industrial: With our thru-hole PCB manufacturing expertise, we can produce durable products that are highly resistant to environmental and mechanical stress. We can provide prototyping and production for a wide range of products for manufacturing, industrial and commercial applications.
  • Lighting and Controls: Controls, switches, automation systems and other innovative electronics found in today’s connected buildings are ideal candidates for short-run contract manufacturing. We can help you build compact systems that meet your aesthetic and technical specifications.
  • Transportation: EMSG routinely provides contract PCB manufacturing services for automotive OEMs and Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers as well as heavy equipment and traffic infrastructure manufacturers. Our ISO 9001-certified quality management system helps us produce reliable products with a fast turnaround time and enhanced supply chain management.

Quality Assurance and Inspection

A reliable product is crucial to customer satisfaction. As your contracting partner, we’re fully equipped and certified to deliver the quality and standards you expect. Skilled technicians and machinery conduct a thorough inspection of the PCB before and after components are placed.

Each assembled unit is examined under magnification to identify any lapses in component positioning or soldering. We can also perform automated optical inspection with the 1 Mirtec MV-3L and 1 Mirtec MV 3 OMNI 3D, which detects and immediately reports any lead-level defects in components as small as 16-mil pitch. Our X-ray inspection station allows us to examine PCBs in even greater detail for any faults within the individual substrate layers.

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Comprehensive Testing

To help you meet the rigorous regulations that affect your product, we provide in-circuit testing within our facility. We use various support equipment, including the Genrad 2287A and any of your supplied testing equipment, to ensure the unit functions properly under demanding conditions. You can also request to have the units shipped back to your plant for testing with your own technology.

Quality Certifications

Our renewing ISO 9001 certification communicates our emphasis on quality control and compliance with the safest industry practices. It demonstrates our willingness to evolve with the manufacturing landscape and use consistently calibrated machinery in every step of the process.

Conflict Mineral Reporting

Transparency and accountability are essential to our company culture. We’re committed to helping our customers conform to conflict mineral reporting. This includes a continuous effort to obtain statements from our supply chain partners, giving you and your customers assurance that the minerals used for your product are responsibly sourced.

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LED Circuit Boards

Contract Manufacturing

LEDs are growing in popularity as a cost-effective, energy-saving and compact alternative to traditional lighting. LEDs also have an extended life and do not emit a radio frequency that can interfere with other electronics, making them beneficial in many industrial applications and consumer devices.

EMSG has worked with LED technology since its earliest uses, and we proudly specialize in PCB LED assemblies. Our expertise makes us highly qualified to be your strategic manufacturing partner. We’re happy to assist with planning the materials and layout of your most complex lighting PCB units. We can utilize surface-mount or through-hole systems to assemble your LED lighting PCB as well as complete box builds that offer a rapid time to market.

Our facility’s equipment makes us the only company capable of producing a 4-foot continuous circuit board for led lights. We’re the only company with this long board screen printer configuration, offering adaptability for your precise specifications

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