Electronic Assembly

Electronic Assembly Services

As our world becomes more connected, there will continue to be a need for skilled electronic assembly companies that can meet the demand for smaller, more durable and more precise products.

Since 1995, Electronic Manufacturing Services Group, Inc. has been distinguishing itself as a leader in printed circuit board assemblybox building and electronic contract manufacturing for demanding clients in a range of industries. We are fully equipped to provide electronic manufacturing and prototyping of up to 50,000 units with a fast turnaround time and a high degree of quality control.

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EMSG’s Electronics Assembly Service Options

EMSG has the experienced personnel and advanced equipment necessary to meet all of your electronic assembly requirements, from prototyping to production. We can provide:

  • Surface mount technology (SMT) PCB manufacturing: Surface mounting is a method of manufacturing printed circuit boards that produces smaller products, more quickly, and at a lower cost. As a result, it has emerged as a prominent method of PCB manufacturing for almost all commercial applications. EMSG automated surface mount manufacturing as part of the larger electronic assembly process. We perform all work to IPC-A-610 standards in both leaded and ROHS variants.
  • Thru-hole PCB manufacturing: Thru-hole manufacturing is an older form of PCB assembly that produces stronger bonds between boards and their components, leading to more durable products overall. As a result, many heavy-duty applications — including aerospace and military manufacturing where products are frequently subject to extreme environmental and mechanical stresses — still require thru-hole circuit boards. EMSG is fully qualified to perform thru-hole PCB manufacturing for these and other demanding clients.
  • Testing and inspection: Testing and inspection is a critical step in the electronic assembly process. EMSG has implemented organization-wide control processes and invested in sophisticated equipment to make sure all items that leave our facility meet our customers’ expectations and requirements. We can perform both optical and in-circuit verification to your specifications and will work with you to develop an appropriate testing routine that provides peace of mind and quality assurance.
  • Contract manufacturing: Contract manufacturing can involve any of the above electronic assembly services. As PA’s leader in contract manufacturing, we provide complete turnkey solutions that bring your product to market faster. In addition to PCB manufacturing and testing, we also offer box building using customized enclosures, component sourcing and drop delivery services. Contact our office directly to learn how we can help.

Electronic Assembly

Our clients come to us from a range of industries and sectors. In the past, we have provided electronic assembly services for Pennsylvania-based telecom companies, defense contractors, Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive suppliers, heavy equipment manufacturers, and more. With a focus on short production runs, we are an electronic assembly company that can adapt our services and provide custom manufacturing that meets our clients’ needs.

The Service-First Specialists

With a hands-on approach to business, our management team can make quick decisions. This flexibility allows us to respond swiftly to design changes or contract modifications. Two-way communication is a very vital part of delivering a quality product. Together, we can determine the most effective solutions to your problems, whether that means a face-to-face meeting, telephone call or email.

Our Team and Equipment

EMSG is based in York, Pennsylvania — a short drive from Philadelphia and other major East Coast population centers. We perform all work in-house, in a 20,000-square-foot, ISO 9001-certified production facility equipped with state-of-the-art assembly and testing equipment

EMSG offers a full range of automated surface mount technology and thru-hole equipment designed for quick set-up. If your product requires hand assembly, our skilled workforce can provide quick turnaround to ensure timely delivery to market. Request a consultation with our team today!

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