PCB Assembly Process

A printed circuit board (PCB) is one of the most vital elements of any electronic device. A PCB’s primary role involves connecting and securing a design’s critical components into a compact, cost-effective package. The designs are typically exclusive to one product type, meeting the highest quality, performance and reliability standards for that specific design.

Choosing a reliable PCB manufacturer is crucial for ensuring timely delivery and superior performance of your electronic products. A reputable manufacturer can help you minimize your overall expenses while streamlining the entire assembly process, from the initial consultation phases and prototyping to final assembly and delivery.

EMSG Inc. is a partner you can trust for each step of the process. With a state-of-the-art facility in York, Pennsylvania, EMSG has delivered PCB manufacturing solutions for industries like medical, telecommunications and industrial and commercial equipment across the United States since 1995. We have a full lineup of automated surface mount technology and thru-hole equipment, offering the ability to handle both board-level and complete box-build assemblies.

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